• Machine learning

    Learn a task without explicit programming

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  • Big data

    From Terabytes to insights

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  • Predictive analytics

    Model the unknown, from customer behaviour to macroeconomics

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Automate tedious manual procedures

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Now hiring

Please contact us if you're interested in joining a small consultancy and have the necessary technical experience.

Our Services

Audit your analytics

Whether starting to analyse your data, or wanting to fine-tune your existing process, we can provide experienced, independent advice.

Concept to production

We have the technical ability to take your ideas into production if you need it.

Financial Experience

From credit risk to consumer behaviour modeling, we can help improve the performance of your financial predictive models.

Research and development

If you feel lost in this fast-paced world, then we can help brainstorm and suggest innovative new ways of solving your business problems.

Our Team



Since completing his PhD in Machine Learning through Cambridge University, Philip has been involved in the banking, retail and education sectors.


Data Scientist

Carl completed his PhD in Machine Learning in 2010 through Cambridge University. He has over 6 years of experience within the education and retail online sectors.


Now hiring a talented machine learner

Get in touch if you have what it takes to be part of an elite technical consultancy.

Definition of stochastic

A technical adjective meaning "having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analysed statistically but may not be predicted precisely".

We are a part of a group of highly skilled engineers, actuaries, programmers and machine learners. This gives us the ability to pull in specialised expertise, where needed, to ensure that we deliver a world-class solution for you. We have gotten into consulting as we love the diverse set of different problems that we get to see. No problem is too unusual, or niche for us to tackle.

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